The Stewardship Guides

The overriding goal of these Guides is to protect and enhance the quality of our natural environment – including our groundwater and surface water (such as streams, rivers, ravines, creeks, wetlands and lakes), as well as the natural landscape features that support these ecosystems.

By protecting our water, you are not only conserving our natural and cultural heritage but also protecting the legacy of Ontario’s clean water for future generations.

By protecting the natural environment, you are also protecting your investment as a property owner or resident in this landscape. Also, being a land steward and working with the environment will save you time, money and frustration.

These Guides are important tools designed to help individuals make a difference. They provide a framework to allow you to evaluate your property and its management. Through completion of the worksheets, you will learn what you are doing right, and where you can improve in protecting our natural environment.

 Two Guides are currently available:

A Stewardship Guide for the Lake Huron Coastline: targeting non-farm residents, cottagers and property owners along the Canadian shore of Lake Huron from Tobermory in the north to Sarnia in the south.

The Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide for the Lake Huron Watershed: targeting rural non-farm landowners in Huron County and the Ausable Bayfield and Maitland Watersheds that extend outside Huron County.

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It is intended to target non-farm landowners across Ontario’s rural landscape.  To find out more about this guide and the possibility of delivering it in your area contact Dr. Wayne Caldwell at the School of Rural Planning and Development, University of Guelph, Telephone: 519.824.4120 ext.56420, Email:, Website: